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From Nurse to Web Designer - Pursuing your Passion with Regine Garcia (Episode 1) - Filspiration

regine garcia

Filspirer: Regine Garcia

Regine Garcia is a non-practicing Registered Nurse, a web and graphic designer, frequent traveler, and a crazy young woman from Iloilo City, Philippines known for her life principles, art projects, and her love affair with coffee. In this episode she shares her story on how & why she decided to pursue her passion of designing websites & creating artworks instead of pursuing nursing. She talks about how you too can follow her path of doing what you love and creating the lifestyle of your dreams.

http://reginegarcia.com/ – Artworks
http://clevrrr.com/ – Web & Graphic Design Studio
http://betweencoordinates.com/ – Travel Blog
Medical volunteer at http://teambanggi.com/ – #TeamBanggi

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Filspirer Nominations:

1. Grasya Bangoy

Grasya is a cool IT gal who goes around the Philippines and Asia donating her time and effort in making the world a better place through random acts of kindness.

2. James Betia

A very enthusiastic adventurer who travels on a budget. He recently launched his ebook “100 Days of Backpacking the Philippines the Cheapest Way Possible.”

3. Ephraim Arriesgado

Humble guy who backpacks around the Philippines and Southeast Asia who gives health education seminars to communities and also spread the word of the Lord.

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